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Make your employees happy and healthy!

What is OFFICE CONCEPT by Be Fit Academy?

Office concepts is a easy fit lesson which everybody could enjoy. Simple stretching and more and more stress and tension weapons in just couple of minutes during your business day.

Individual and innovative approach is a priority for the BFA team. Firstly We start our work with a professional evaluation of each participant, followed by inclusion in a group with appropriately selected workouts. This will ensure maximum efficiency and interest by participants of all fit levels and sport experiences.

Finaly, we will adapt the lesson itself to the space possibilities directly at the workplace or home office.


  • The lesson takes place on the employer’s premises or on-line

  • Workout is possible in ordinary office/home office clothing

  • Exercise tools are provided by the BFA coaches

  • Group lessons for 5-10 people

  • Lesson duration 30-60 minutes

  • BFA coach will arrive at the agreed date and time – no delay or waiting

  • Possibility of long-term workout programs

  • Involvement of participants regardless of performance, age and gender

Why Office Concept

  • Reduce the back pain

  • Relief of tension in the cervical spine

  • Relaxation of overloaded muscle groups

  • Increased body mobility

  • Elimination of muscle imbalances

  • Practicing of proper body posture and breathing

  • Strengthening weakened muscle groups

  • Increase mental well-being

    Benefits for employer

    • Reducing the risk of sick leave

    • Improving self-confidence and performance

    • Increased work performance

    • Reduction of stress and tension in the workplace

    • Teambuilding activity

    • The company becomes more attractive as employer

    • Less errors in work performance

      Benefits for EMPLOYEES

      • Reduces stress and muscle tension

      • Eliminate back pain and alleviate other problems
      • Better focus on work and more creative thinking
      • Improved posture
      • Increased self-confidence
      • More energy throughout the day
      • Increase of blood circulation
      • Establishing non-formal contact with colleagues